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The Poetic Mind

What are you
Among these people
Who are you
In their eyes
Weird Creepy stupid being
In their words
Bathed you in pretending
Among them
Alone and suffocating
So Who and What are you?

In this Life
When will you?
Among these people
What will you?
In their eyes
Weak hopeless being
In their words
Refrain responding
Among them
Silence is winning
So When and What will you?

– Rochelle Rosenberg 2022

MY GREAT FATHER. As I walk through this pavements
My heart pounds with busy thoughts
Life had been so tough lately
And every moment was mind penetrating
So I gazed above the sky
While loneliness is unbearable
But the hope of seeing you
Makes my heart enlightened with cheer
And faith makes me awake
I knew inside of me, youre always here.

If only I can ride on the wings of eagles
I would come to you so soon
Entering your doors of gold
Your presence to see and behold
If only I can fly on the wings of eagles
I would rush to see you soon
Just like a little child so innocent
To You I’d run and kiss your feet

As I walked through these pavements
I imagined as If Im walking towards you
But the winds push me away
And the doubts keeps me astray
And I searched you everywhere
Through the valleys and the hills
I sang my songs every day
Whispering the oceans and rivers
With hope they would speak with you
That I am longing for you..

If only I can fly like the eagles
I would come to you shortly
My eyes would gaze at you
And my arms would hold you tight
My hands would touch the blossoms
And smell the love of your presence
Lord right now Im bursting in longing
Please empower me until we meet.

Written by: Karla Rochelle D. Rosenberg
Title: My Great Father

It was last year, I had known freedom
Where the childrens are having fun
The world were noisy
Every lives were busy
People ignored the issues
Thought corona was Chinas produce

It was last year I had seen the sun
Where my friends and I had fun
I thought that everything will be okay
Until the world got sick one day
People couldn’t believe the news
Millions are dying of coronavirus

It had been nine months I realise
I forgot the important things in life
All the things that I achieved
will be nonsense in an absensence without leave
One by one the world shut down
Lives had stopped, still no one understands.

It had been nine months, the pandemic begun
We have been using mask and washing hands
Our minds can’t comprehend from these events
Countries in lockdowns and became afraid
The strength of human race in a prayer.
That only in our own precepts we bear
We had learn more to care..
It ahd been nine months

When It Rains
The rain falls on the ground
Kissing leaves of every plant
As you keep me to stand still
Sending your waters from heavens
I can’t hold my emotions
So I cry under the rain
Watching every drop touch my face
My heart sings in amaze

Coz when it rains all the errors are fading
I am nurtured to grow from within
The water drowns me inside
But like a seed, when it rains I’ll be safe
Coz when it rains all the sorrows are fading
I am meant to grow from within
I know that after the struggles
The sun will rise to bring me out of the soil
When it rains

As the sky becomes so dark
We might find a place to hide
The thunder screams I feel it in my heart
And the rain falls like a river
Telling me that I’m gonna be alright
When it rains I can’t hold my emotions
Im letting flow with all the notions
Coz I know, the sunshine will rise so soon..


Late at Night
My mind is busy with thoughts of you
And I tell myself, is this for real?
All the things you do
And how you make me feel
I can lay at night.. just smiling
How you hold my hand, replaying

And I toss and turn in bed
Wishing you are here instead
I just cant fall asleep…
Ive been thinking of your kiss…

My mind is busy with the future
And I tell myself, this time Im sure
All the dreams we planned
We can built it…together

And I can lay at night awake
Dreaming with my eyes wide open
All the things we were talking
Im excited what will happen

And I toss and turn in bed
Wishing you were here instead
And kiss of your ur lips
All thats running in my head

Refined through Time

The tragedies of pain
The cries are like rain
But if we look at its aim
We know what we will gain

Oh how shallow
That men forget the shadow
Of salvation God bestow
Only in deep repentance you’d know

That pure gold is in fire proven
The olive oil keep the fire burnin
And all the crushing of the waves
And the struggles in our heads
Humble and wise we shaped

Let your eyes see,
The salvation is free
Release your soul from this world
And you’ll gain a New Rebirth
-Rochelle Rosenberg

It’s Easy… But

Its easy to tell others to forgive
But still anger resides inside
Its easy to tell others to give
But such a difficult task
Its easy to tell others to love
While they have an angry heart
Its easy to tell others to listen
But the ears dont hear enough
Its easy to tell others to fight
But not knowing whats wrong and right
Its easy to hear a song
Spoken words met rejection
Its easy to say i love you
But time reveals whats true
Its easy remember promises
But forgetting its reasons
Its easy to have a dream
But not willing to take the course
And its easy to write a poem
But difficult to write from your soul.


Apple Blossoms By the River
The sky gives a lovely sunset
Inviting me to think of you
And I looked far from where you are
Remembering your loving arms
Among the trees nearby a river

We met and embraced by the apple tree
As the apple blossoms watched near
I closed my eyes, I finally found my dear
I remembered you from time to time
Your voice, your face, even your tight embrace
How you gazed and touched my head
You made me forget the tears I shed.

Among the trees nearby a river
We met and kissed by the apple tree
The apple blossoms timid perfumesFlying birds had sung our love songs.

If Only

Deep within my mind I struggle

Thoughts have been roaming there

My eyes are dim flowing like a river

My heart is aching, I shiver

And I wonder how we end this way

Somewhere We lost each other

I admit theres things we falter

And the end is coming nearer

If I could say whats on my mind

I dont wanna let you go away

I cant imagine without you by my side

Can we do it all again

If I could say whats on my heart

I wish you could stay

But I cant stop the things to happen now

You’re free to go anyway..

Time had ran so fast

And words had never been spoken

My nightmares are frightening

My heart is fainting, I shiver

And I wonder how I end this way

Somewhere I lost myself

I admit theres things I falter

And my end is coming near

It Is Finished

Like an arrow shot the deer

Death slowly raging in

But it can never be compared

To the sacrifice you made

Sent to the world to see

You defeated all the lies

Still in joy You obeyed

Till the end of your breath

The earth and heaven shaked

And you said…

It is finished now

The cursed has broken down

The darkness is gone

I am the way

You’re free to come

You’re free to come

It is finished now

Lay all your hearts down

Be washed away

Be saved today

You’re free to come

You’re free to come

Every stripe you received

Described how much you cared

Your love compassed all hearts

Even God was pleased in sight

Showed in all peoples eyes

How you lived your life

You touched peoples lives

With grace you have come

And in joy you obeyed

Layed your life so we could live

And you said..


I am a lost treasure hidden underneath
And my eyes had never seen its sight
Ive never been touched by skilled hands
Never been held in a loving arms.

And deep down inside my soul
I want you to know that I’m waiting
Waiting for the one to find me
From deep within to dig me up
Ive heard the rumors of stones
Held by the eyes with bliss
And as for me its been years
Still waiting for you to find me.

As a diamond, deep in the dark
Ive been pressed through
I stood the process of
But I am not yet found
Among the stones I am waiting
And I have been hidden under…
The earth..

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