Rochelle Rosenberg


January 27, 2022 media 0

I might hurt some toes and feelings. But for the sake of argument and common Society Standards of behavior psychologically and emotionally. Tiktok is a Fabric of Falsehood and inappropriate for children to watch.
People who are dying of attention, confirmation and “i habe the right to to do what I want attitude” feeds themselves on Tiktok.
Noticed how the real skilled people like real singers, real dancers, theater performers and artists aren’t so popular. What arises in Tiktok are influencers with a bad attitude with disrespectful comments towards society, leaders and disobedience towards authority.

Is this your dream for your children?
To believe in a world where reality is far and creates fear among the teens so that they will build a wall for themselves and believe only what they want to believe?

Although Tiktok had been open on its policy about everyone enjoying the app, the issue lies there because there is no clarity what is the meaning of “ENJOYMENT” for all ages. Which means everyone can take care of their horrendous imagination where they can perform their own agendas to be watched by millions.
My example are old womens who portrays to be younger and pretending never get old. Showing all pornographic acts in dance or body languages that seemed to be loved by men.
Another example is men lurking and watching on young women who shows 90% of their bodies and and probably 5% of performance and the another 5% to feel right.
The last thing in my mind is seeing children doing the same thing they watch on Tiktok. Isn’t this a CHILD ABUSE?
where is the PROPER UPBRINGING we once had learned from our decent adults and teachers from the past?
I guess its time for everyone to think exactly how to use TIKTOK properly


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