Do You want to Succeed? READ THIS

Rochelle Rosenberg

Do You want to Succeed? READ THIS

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This message is for the dreamers. For the people who have big dreams yet stucked in their situations. Wether it is your physical or mental issue. Your future shouldn’t be defined by the way people had treated you negatively so from my perspective and experiences, I will share with you what I’ve learned about myself and about my life.

Your future should not be determined by the “how to be successful books and how to become rich ideas”. Your future and your dreams should be formed by your sacrifices, efforts and resiliency. Life is a human thing that we all have to go through. And it is a constant race to develop and grow into a much better person you can be so you can become a vessel of good into this world. So I would like to give you my hearts advice.

There’s a big difference between guidance than manipulative talk. Imagine when we were children, we were guided by our parents or by any adult to do what is right so that we won’t do something that would harm us. And whenever we were caught up in doing wrong, the adults disciplines us to get us back on the right path. But that’s not the case with manipulation.

As we grow older, we come across people who would impose us what they think fits us. People can go further by telling us how we should look, act and talk and think. And its not our fault to fall into their schemes, but due to respect, friendliness and trust probably due to loneliness we actually fall for them and eventually leads us into our own destruction. In This life, everyone will ever tell you what to do and how you live your life. It doesn’t matter if you agree with it or not because most of the time, their words seemed to have power over you without you even realizing it.

You will come across people who think they can save you from hell. Without asking where you coming from. But the truth is, going through different struggles in life is Hell. And going through it is something no one sees.

What you went through and what you experienced is something that no one had ever heard or seen. And it will be into your hands how you will deal with your own struggles, with the negative people, with your personal relationships, with all your problems and with all your issues in your mind. If you have a dream, dont let it dust in your mind forever. I know it is much to say, because I might not know what you went through but I understand what you feel. Because I was there. And I speak from my experience. I was a rape victim, child abused but I changed my mind to think I am a conqueror. I fought my battles every day. I fought against negative voices inside my head. I learned to ignore negative words and I’ve learned to shut my emotions to discipline myself that things happened is not all about me.
No one ever will teach you how to stand when you’re weak, and no one will dust off your shoulders to speak. It is not God’s will that you will experience horrible things but even if you went through the horrifying events, God can turn it into blessing so that you can go through Hell. And you will realize how fortunate you are to be strong. In that sense you, yourself can become a good example to others. And in your strength, never ever forget Who you were. Because no matter how much they said about you, no matter what opinions they told about you. It is in your decision to do what is right even if your emotions say otherwise. Always bear in mind.

You are loved by heaven. Your differences between an angel is that you have given the freedom to balance your life between what is wrong and right. You have given the opportunity to discover your growth and development by doing the right thing. You are given the power to choose between good and evil. This is the portion of being human. We are in constant pressure to growth and development.

When you dream, Your heart can tell you many things but your godly soul will always tell you what is right thing and right path to go. Is your dream feels right or does it only feels good? Are you ready to commit to reach that dream? Will that involve your loved ones? Or are you stirred by emotions and you want to do it yourself? This is a great test. And That is where a human soul or your consciousness bows down to your spirit if you let it be your guide. It will teach you what is proper and correct yet far from feeling good. It will involve hardships and determination.

What if, Your dream is actually just a reach of hand from you? And you are standing between the hundreds of voices who tells you you cannot. You can achieve any dream you want. So dust off your shoulders and get to know yourself first. Change your mindset, your worldview, and change your attitude towards good. Only if you don’t dare to listen to the negative voices, you will be a strongest person you can be. You don’t need confirmation from anyone. So Tell yourself this “HOW DARE THEM TO TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE. AND HOW DARE YOU LISTENING TO THEM WHEN YOU KNOW WHERE YOU COMING FROM”


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