The Minds of Strong and Sane People

Rochelle Rosenberg

The Minds of Strong and Sane People

December 16, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Hi Lovely and Gorgeous People. ❤️ I Wanted to share my thoughts today and the excitement within me to share about the mentality we should have to succeed in life.

Many people think that success is about material wealth. But honestly, you will find yourself successful once you have discovered the secret language of your soul. And that soul definitions are designed to the highest level of sensitivity and wisdom.

Through the years of my experiences, I have discovered alot about myself and the things that I should stop doing. Regardless if there were books that says “10 ways to be better you” I find them very lucrative and false because there’s no source of experience from the author, some of them.

Those who experienced alot in life had more juicy shares and more relevant to the mind and heart of the one who seeks supernatural changes in life. Enough said. Below are the shares from myself to you.

✅ So in order to become a successful person within yourself and to master your personal growth. Faith is one of the core and keep trying your best out of your resources.
⚠️ But… In order to make your path clear, you have to avoid yourself in speaking ill of others minding your own business. 🤯
🚫 There will be people who practice their beliefs or religious mindset yet judge you or destroy your integrity by speaking ill or talking shit behind your back. This people should be out of your way if you want to grow. Wether it is your family or bestfriend. Jealousy is Poison.
☢️ If people want to correct you, they will always find a loving way and peaceful connection relationship with you to build you up and encourage you to become the better you. But if they just make you feel worse than you already are, you should think twice. Because they will not help you grow but help you die. These are toxic relationships or friendships. So for you to succeed in life, you have to serve others the way you wanted be treated. Commandments: Love your neighbors as Yourself.
🔄 Words are powerful and easy to speak. You might think it was a joke or it was just something secretly spoken. But those are powerful enough to convey a message into the spiritual realm and can give effects on your views about others and how you treat them.
✅ So to all ladies and to all gents. Your success is already Destined. Your pathway there decides aout your mouth and character.

Just some flashing lights to think about choosing your environment.
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