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How Do We Ever Learn?

Do you work in an environment of too much complexity and objection? Have you felt once that it tears you apart and your suffering is too much to bear. A d you are surrounded by these “horrible” people?
I will tell you how I think…
There will be moments of questions that has backlinks of gossips and intrigue. But once the stairs leads you to a point of perspective.. You will understand that all the gossip and intrigue were just fears that others want to inflict on you.. And there you will know your strength and wisdom to decide for yourself or stay foolish like others. When people talk too much about negative things, its not easy to bear them or to listen. But to observe that they have difficulties within that they struggle to speak about. And only the problems you hear are Superficial or simple words, its just the peel.. When you observe others in this way, you will learn that in other ways, we are the same. But by observation, it tells us to be kind and understanding. To not forget that in negative terms, there are positive responses. And the response is how does it change you? For good or for bad?
Yet the stairs of perspective teaches us well despite of whatever we may hear.

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