Is Red Cross Just a Second Hand?

Rochelle Rosenberg

Is Red Cross Just a Second Hand?

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Did you know that in 1859 a Businessman named Henry Dunant was the person who got the idea about Red Cross? His idea was that there supposed to be rules that protects Injured soldiers and Health care that are damaged due to war.

The idea gave birth and in 1865 Sweden was the first to Founded Red Cross Organisation where they prepared for humanitarian Efforts and started a Nursing Education that supported the humanitarian movement in the world.

1867 Emmy Rappe who received her education through Florence Nightingale in London. Emmy started the first Non-religious Education for Nurses which changed the name to Red Cross College that educate Nurses up to the present.

1871 Queen Dowager Josephine of Leuchtenburg founded the Women’s Committee who gathered all Ladies-in-waiting (Court Lady) to build a storehouse for the Medical supplies.

1901 – First Nobel Price for the Red Cross Founder Henry Dunant. Even Red Crescent Moon Movement received three times award.

1917-1944 Second World War.
63,000 injured taken care through Sweden. With a transportation from Sassnitz to Haparanda.
Red Cross started the Air Ambulance Transportation.
The Swedish Health Care developed.
Red Cross received 2nd and Third Nobel Price and also built the White Buss who saved the people from the Nazis Prison camp.

1950- Field Hospital in South Korea to take care of the injured due to war between North and South Korea.

1960-1980- Fourth Nobel Price.
Nigerian Army and the breakaway of Biafra. The war lasted for One Year. Isolated from the outside world the Red Cross sent humanitarian help through Air bridge in the areas that needs the basic and medicine.
Health care for the People without Papers or Asylum victims due to trauma from war and torture.

1985- the Second Hand Shop started and up to the present.. Red Cross still do its foundation to help in Humanitarian needs.

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