Aqua drops watercolor

Rochelle Rosenberg

Aqua drops watercolor

June 3, 2021 lifestyle 0

I have been using an ordinary watercolor for the past few years and I was kind of comfortable at the results I’m getting. I think.

So I have tried different mediums of watercolor like, Pen Marker Brushes, Classic Watercolor Tin Cans and most of those cheap stuff we find on the internet (I’m embarrassed that I have to tell you that).

So in the classic watercolor procedure, we usually prepare our stuff that we needed to complete a painting.
– Watercolor soft hair brushes, Watercolors and a Bottle with water of course. Don’t forget to have two bottles by the way. Because you’ll need one bottle to wash your brushes in between. One bottle should be clean and the other should be the dirt water. ANother procedure is to wet the brush to activate the colors on the paper or use the wet brush to pick up some colors and mix them in the tin pan. On many occassions in painting, you can dilute the colors with water.

Well, thats not the case in Aqua Drop Watercolor. It is highly lightfast and dilutable colors. It is ready to use directly from the Bottle. Yes you read it right. Paint directly from the bottle. As well as watercolour painting, their ink-like consistency makes them suitable for a range of techniques, including calligraphy, hand lettering and airbrush and architectural watercolor painting.

From Schmincke: Note on paper or substrate: AQUA DROP is a watercolour and therefore suitable for all watercolour papers and pre-primed canvas. For an even application with the AQUA DROP LINER we recommend smooth, hot-pressed papers. Basically applies: The purer the colour are applied and the more absorbent the substrate is, the stronger the pigments are anchored in the substrate. We recommend individual pre-tests.

Get yours here: and try to paint with these amazing colors. I know you wont regret.

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