A New Challenge

Rochelle Rosenberg

A New Challenge

June 2, 2021 films friends Friendship Godly Gospel heal husband lifestyle 0

The past months I have been photographing nature on macros. Painting some canvases and and watercolor projects.

I was actually challenged to create a large painting. Around 50×80 size. Its new to me to paint on such large space and kind of a scsry thing to do.

So I pulled out the canvas and placed it on the easel. Well I struggled first with the images. Suddenly I got hundreds of ideas to put in there. But I came up to the end I want a woman. Then I started with the sketch and foreground primer. Creating all the necessary information into the canvas I have been erasing and sketching back and forth.

But it took me days before I started so I realised, I was more afraid of the result than how to start. I wondered all along if wilö I ever liked the results after painting it? Will I ever get what I want for it? At the End… I just got along with the image…

So here’s the image. I am not yet halfway but I started… And it feels good. We will see how I did these in few days.


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