My Vegan Opinion

Rochelle Rosenberg

My Vegan Opinion

December 16, 2020 lifestyle 0
Just eait it

I work As a Nurse assistant for the heart department before in a hospital and now I am currently working with Dementia..been a nurse assistant for 8years now. Please allow me to share my opinion.

Veganism has actually become a trend nowadays and within economic circumstances.. The winners are the global markets not the consumers.
On the consumers side.. I have met patients who actually developed illnesses under the vegan diet and or strict diet rules that removes other kinds of essential foods and supplements which are necessary for a healthy body.
Most of the patients we met had either formed failed health issues or psychological issues
Or worse even both. We took care of many people in the facility whom faced serious health issues due to overwhelming issues about strict specific subjects of dietary.
And i mean not HEALTHY ONES.

I had one colleague who became vegan and becomes a problematic issue because we cant speak openly about our diet with her. She became very concerned about the political aspects and the changes of her attitude is really evident.
Through time she developed a severe Diabetes.

Another close Familiar person eats only protein diet. And some have problems with this person due to over sweat and over eating under working hours. Except the fact that the person trains heavy daily in the gym. The consumptions of protein was too much and the relationship between employees becomes rigid due to limited amount of conversation. You know it…

So this health issues may vary from individuals. Not everyone might want to go vegan or go protein. Either way, whats important in this life is the way we all think about ourselves. Our goal should notbjust be about stomach or body enhancements but also the enhancements of our soul and how we actually feel about ourselves. Wether a person drives into specific diets, try to rethink or write why you want that. Is it necessary? Is it because you want to have another picture of yourself? Or do you have some kind of past luggage in your life that causes that. Somehow…
The soul is hungry for something that food actually cannot afford to give.

So.. The attitude and body languages and health issues had changed by time. And all in all.. As for me, i dont go to trendy diets. I still follow the mountain way of eating. Eat the complete amount of whatever we find in the mountains since I grew up in the northern Philippines. And now lives in Sweden. My diet had never caused me any illness at all.
I dont eat fatty foods but i eat only vegetables Legumes beef lamb chicken turkey fruits.

When i came to Sweden i tried to fit myself from the western way of eating. Consume one slice of tenderloin which caused me Constipation and other health problems. So i went back to my diet. 😂

Thank you friends for allowing me to share my story and experience.

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