Have you wondered why you can’t draw?

Rochelle Rosenberg

Have you wondered why you can’t draw?

October 11, 2020 lifestyle 0

Hello Artisans
Welcome back. In this video I will show you a slow motion of my recent drawing. In this video I drew and paint several pieces. So while you watch this process or read this articleI would like to share something with you.

I received compliments alot “Wow you are so talented, I wish I could draw like you” Honestly it breaks my heart to hear that word “talented” and I wish I could respond in a better way. And more I often this one I hear a lot, I cannot even draw a circle and I usually draw humans like stick. However I’ve never known how talent works. I just know that drawing or singing is something you can learn to achieve through practice.

I dont know what makes you think why you cannot draw or what discouraged you that you cannot acquire this skills. Maybe you have heard someone say negative things to you and simply you just believed it and maybe you didn’t draw because you think you’re not talented enough. So you didn’t took a step to draw in your journey. You might be afraid of the negative response from other people. For whatever reason..I would like to inspire you with my insights. And maybe you can check out my past recordings about art.

I draw a lot when I was a child, Ive heard negative comments like you but I just kept on drawing. So when I became a teenager I stopped and when I came back to it…The process of my drawing seemed to be improved. I believed it was because it had been there sleeping and suddenly when I returned It was like a dusty old learning that came to be awakened.
Every process of learning can be very inspiring or tiring to some. Many of you might want to achieve things all at once. But time is so crucial, because in the process, you must have to put your time to practice and observance to learn. Skills are attained through practice and self study. It is a self discipline

If you would start to sit down and grab your pencil and a paper, and disregard all the negative things that discouraged you..I believe you will destroy the barrier that stops you from becoming a skilled person. Learning for some can be slow, and to others can be fast. But no matter how long it takes, everyone can find their passion in practice. It is a time of dedication, patience to learn from all the mistakes and the eagerness to learn and discover the new techniques from the world and from what we perceive. Let me tell you, try to observe your surroundings and nature. Maybe there are things from there that give you insight so you can discover your skills too.

I hope that my heart has shared something essential for you to think about. And I hope today, you will start to draw or pursue the things you love to do…
So until then, thank you for reading…

See you again my artisans!


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