How Do I think as a RAPE SURVIVOR?

Rochelle Rosenberg

How Do I think as a RAPE SURVIVOR?

September 24, 2020 lifestyle 0

*I am molested and rape victim. At 8,14 and the last was at 18 which was more a torture for me that led to PTSD diagnosis.

I have learnt the ways of community that hangs out the victims. Mostly blames and make derogatory comments about.

Here are some popular lines we mostly hear from people wether friends or family. These lines are unbelievably damaging:

“you deserve it/ you are likely to likened it/ you must be flirting beforehand that’s why you are raped/ rape? You must be kidding me?/ your cousin cannot do that/ he is so kind and you are lying/it took so long for you to say it? I think you just want revenge/dont ever soeak about this to anyone, it will ruin our family./dont even speak about this to anyone, it will ruin my reputation!

In our society, there are visual activities that are suggestive and even more provocative. Just like a photography aside from art. Movies that promotes violent sequence and pictures that promotes sexual comments.

Our society has lost its moral standards. And it can be costly for others to suffer.. Accidentally.

Many celebrities mostly says that it is our faults we are raped, but actually some of their contents promotes violence, crime related and sexual behaviour. I have learnt through the years that around the world only Philippines community and India, Africa as well But not all. Do not support rape victims instead we are blamed, humiliated and even laughed out in public.*

1. Our most common in line vindicators are our family or relatives who even do not believe and helps us report the offenders to the authorities.
2. Our system do not offer a free psychological counselling for the trauma we have gone through.
3. Most of our politicians do not support the law system e.g like Hontiveros of Philippines who promotes only lgbtq and some of the offenders are on free foot.

I am not against LGBTQ (some of my cousins and friends are part of these community. I know a few whom are very responsible citizens and individuals so please dont get me wrong) but most of these communities as well promotes sexual behaviour by word and by actions that also leads to misdemeanours of some.

R example. In parades, there are sexual performances that are supposedly should only be available foe couples to see. It is an intimate act. But Children can see it widely open. And parents approves it. And then people are well blended, so you have no idea whom are pedophiles or more silent sexual offenders. Watching… Waiting for a victim to take.

It awakens the animal insights of people and leads them to commit crime. (if we actually think widely.)

Since the event happened to me. From My recent in 2003,i was 18. I havent received my justice yet. I have moved on but my trauma is huge and Im suffering. Now I am 34 and I dont know if i am still covered by the system to find justice. Since I am now living abroad.. I am still waiting for my justice*

Please continue your support for us….

sana po malaman ng immigration ang mga sex offenders. THERE MUST BE A SYSTEM WHERE SEX OFFENDERS SHOULD BE REGISTERED AND MONITORED WETHER THEY CAME ABROAD OR just fellow citizens of the Philippines or whatever country we are resident of. It should be GLOBAL SYSTEM.
They can pretend and blend among the community. The sex offenders are often triggered MORE when they see women who are sexually suggestive women.
Despite of well dress manner. The people who abused me were sex offenders. And their mindset were triggered due to what they saw on photos that are sexually suggestive. Sometimes there are words that can trigger them.

Therefore I came to a conclusion that SEXUAL MATTERS should only be taught with discipline and only be taught to teach and educate. It should not be performed on public parades or even shown on a television with a Rough actions

or at least there must be a huge system where a sexual offenders or at least have been accused of it should be monitored to secure the society from Them.

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