Aahhh.. AFTER ALL.. Life is Good! God is good!

Rochelle Rosenberg

Aahhh.. AFTER ALL.. Life is Good! God is good!

September 22, 2020 lifestyle 0

There are times people won’t like me. I could easily read them when I’m around. But I am not bothered about their reactions nor do I care?

Nah.. Not at all.

Because I am confident that I do my job, I try my best to do what I have to and what I am ordered to do.
I usually learn to follow the rules and if somehow I was the one who disobeyed it, I come directly fast and admit my fault.

At work. We can actually perform our faith. We can show how we are as people. I am not perfect in everything. I have my shortcomings..

Who aren’t? But I always look at everyone’s work as my potential for growth. I look at my boss and see how she performs her job, and I see my colleagues and I learn from them the good things. I tell which I like and which I don’t. I always wanna make sure I am clear. I speak when I don’t understand and when I am uncomfortable in certain situations.

At home, I am a mother and a wife.
I try the best I can do to cook as good food as Possible. I try to persuade my children to do what is godly. I teach them my mistakes and show them the benefits of learning the good moral standards.
I don’t expect them to do the highest grades, I want them to learn and achieve the High remarks of life. The wisdom of God. That… Is power..

As a wife. I know that I am not 100% but for sure.. My husband knows he is the handsomely person I know. And I am so addicted to him.. Like the chocolate and sweet nuts I live to eat.. 😂 I do my best to make the best of life because I also want him to feel the good life we have. Making sure he knows, I develop myself for them.

And I love this things.. God. Family. Ahhh..

Nwver forget my music. My painting.. And all of that crqzy things I do. They are gifts of heaven.

For myself, I always try the best to learn new things. For the past decades, I have grown well. I have learned to not fit into everyone’s expectations. At least I did what I can. I always never want to go along the trends because I know that this is temporary and its not artistic. I dont want to be “general in categories” I want to be something… “different” that odd person or maybe that weird one that doesn’t goes along the stream..
Life had been a struggle for me.. but i love it.. I love life because I know for sure.. GOD LOVES ME therefore I am still alive today…

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