Rape = The world and injustice!!

Rochelle Rosenberg

Rape = The world and injustice!!

September 3, 2020 lifestyle 0

#5KChallengeAccepted #5Kcomments #100SHARES I was a Rape Victim. And I dont condone, I dont tolerate Offenders. #Sweden, there should be a valid LEGAL PUNISHMENT regarding rape cases and should not be bailable.

I have lived in Sweden for 13 years now. It had been 13 years since I left my home town and settled myself here to have a family. Unfortunately, I had misfortunes in my past relationships that involved mental and torment in mind and body. Sweden had given me a lot of good learning. It was interesting that I found myself more understanding about my experience and learned to navgate the truth despite of the circumstances. It was a huge improvement when it comes to my faith. I have learned to differentiate religion from personal growth in faith. I am thankful of the development that it had given me these past years. I became strong, independent woman. But above all these, I could not escape the fact that rape was also one of the weakest talk in here. their arm is very undecisive.

Rape has Affected me: Physically, Mentally and Emotionally and even my social life had become absurd when I suffered those emotions. I wasn’t defended rightly, I wasn’t comforted instead I was blamed. Some church community had exploited my experience and used it as a reason to stamp me by saying I am demonised and cursed and that due to rape, I might have like playing within relationships. And because most of my relationship failed, I might be the problem. And I believe that there are other people who suffered the same., might have experienced a different scenario from their surroundings. They might have hid themselves in their sleeves just to get rid of the societies victim blaming. I have overcome the emotions that I suffered for many years, and because of that I was diagnosed with PTSD.

The society had made fun of me due to my experience. I have heard blame from different people and I have experienced humiliation. I tried to conform from the world of religious leaders but their reactions were far more degrading to the extent that I was called demonised and cursed. Their role supposed to be the uplifter of the broken soul. Yet to make it clear, some of them does not have the empathy and understanding of what does rape is all about. Well, I have overcomed that too. Now lets talk about the society..

Since I discovered the world of interenet, In social media, you will find it in several comments and captions and they create memes about rape. Some youtube vloggers uses it as a prank, They make fun of rape and violence.. And despite the truth that there are regulations in every platform to report such kind of behaviour, The society itself watches it and shares it further rather than reporting it. isn’t this sad? The society that knows better are the ones that promotes the violence by likes and shares of every video that contains suffering of sexual offence.

The ten countries with the highest rates of rape (number of incidents per 100,000 citizens) are:

  1. South Africa (132.4)
  2. Botswana (92.9)
  3. Lesotho (82.7)
  4. Swaziland (77.5)
  5. Bermuda (67.3)
  6. Sweden (63.5)
  7. Suriname (45.2)
  8. Costa Rica (36.7)
  9. Nicaragua (31.6)
  10. Grenada (30.6)

The government had not made a strong decision or law to protect the women’s and children’s right.
In Sweden, rape punishment is two-six years imprisonment. Aggravated rape is lowest five years and maximum of ten years imrpisonment. Rape against children with a relative perpetrator is lowest four and maximum ten years imprisonment.
I should have wanted to expect that the government must protect the women not just by counselling, medical treatment, but by strengthening the law against the perpetrator and make the imprisonment forever that the perpetrator would suffer the same inside the prison. Isn’t it justice should be served accordingly? But hey, sweden seemed to be coward to bring this kind of strong decision. Their law is stronger when it comes to money: TAX CRIME. Once a person committed a tax crime, the court proceedings are fast.

The government ALL OVER THE WORLD should recognise the pain and suffering both mental and physical and emotional of boys and girls that suffered sexual abuse, molestation, and violence that are often made by relatives, friends, and unknown people. Paedophilia is also one of the most important to remember that has different forms of abuse and manipulation. The person that suffered such event takes a day to day basis to deal with emotionally. It is a hearthbreaking situations that the person must go through everyday due the the flashbacks, sleepless nights, self pity and lost of identity and eventually the lost of social life interest.
IF WE as a community, make use of the social platform to trigger the governments to ensure the safety of every single person that suffered such event to HAVE THE JUSTICE. I believe that HUMAN RIGHTS would be served CORRECTLY. in this type of world, mostly the victims are blamed for what they have suffered. And Mostly the Offenders are free in the society because THE HUMAN RIGHT DEFENCE is that They shall have the freedom to atleast have their rights. Whereas the victims suffered for One or Two, or maybe Five decades just to be whole again..Physically, Mentally and emotionally.

I want to challenge each and everyone of you to share this message out of your concern. No matter what kind of opinions you have. If you are a mother, a sister, a brother or just an ordinary citizen. I encourage you to #standwithusagainstrape

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