Difference between False and True Prophets

Rochelle Rosenberg

Difference between False and True Prophets

August 22, 2020 lifestyle 0

A prophet that promises you riches eg prosperity, car houses materials and other things your eyes can lay on and your hands can touch. They are addicted to attention from the crowd and popularity. Their performance is mere an act and drama coming in full lights.
WETHER they have spoken prophetically that comes to reality, you shall not listen to them. They will use you and

A REAL PROPHET is loud in SCRIPTURES without SELF INTERPRETATION. He speaks in a way where you will be changed and not provoked. You will be encouraged without feeling worthless. You are uplifted without feeling embarrassed. You are exposed of sin without defamation and shame. You are inspired without feeling intimidated. And a REAL PROPHET DOES NOT GAIN ANYTHING IN ANY SERVICE THEY DO. THEY DONT GET RICH IN DONATIONS AND THEY DONT BENEFIT FROM YOUR FRAILTIES. THEY RECEIVE HELP to sustain their needs but does not demand from you.

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