Behind the Scenes of Growing WOMAN

Rochelle Rosenberg

Behind the Scenes of Growing WOMAN

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Imaging yourself going to perform in a stage. Imagine the idea of your practice and preparation. The meticulous steps to take in clothing, the steps of performance and the delivery of it. How shall we communicate to the outside world when our insights wants to speak so many things.

I am just inspired by the idea of being prepared outside. Some people might not understand how we perform our lives outside and there is no way they would understand the process of how we achieve some things and what makes us determined of what is ahead..

People would only perceive one another by what they would see once out in the open. And the door hides all of these hidden things of ourselves.. There is a margin between us and the outside crowd.. When we are at our private lives.. We are trying to develop as much as we can in a long period of time just to perform it for a day…. And we picture ourselves with all the possibilities we expect we would become. But once we go out and perform the image we created, we are often hindered by disbelieving people. So close they would touch the margins of our individuality that some of us do gives up easily. And the dreams are tied up yet whispers of the permanent purpose in the world hidden from the eyes of our distractors.

And the image of the outside world is so huge and sometimes cunning and wicked. It can be good and it can also be inspiring. When we are in the outside world, We could create an image of us in the eyes of others. There are many among us whom are great in pretention, pleasing others as much as they can to avoid troubles or preferably dislikes from others. And many of us whom are strong enough to face the cunning and wickedness but goes through the fire just to reach the dream in an honest way.

These are the margins that many of us never expect to face. DEPRAVITY of MOCKERY that turns to death.
it can be a physical death or spiritual death.
Let me explain further.
The Spiritual death occurs in a person who looses the motivation in life which lead to their fallen dreams and fallen countenance in life. These leads to an unhappy person due to the trauma they met caused by mockery and disbelieving people. Yet spiritual death still can be awaken in somewhere in time. The heart though, needs time to recover from pain and damaging words. Its a long process and probably our mental issues of failures had already been a scar in our human spirit. Yet we know..that this we can survive. It just takes time.
The physical death occurs when a person looses all hope and dreams and finds no reason at all in this life to live more. That’s when they give up and escape these life. Tired of all the responsibilities and had found no love in themselves and no emotions towards their lovedones. Thats when sui**de comes. And these we know, not many survived.
And though sometimes we might be a child in image.. Our face is matured.. That represents development from within. The Light will reveal to us what awaits outside.. Its interesting we would only go through one part of the door and not open the both.. Because we always try to keep our privacy or maybe we actually dont want the world to be shocked or misinterpret our performance in this life. As if behind the scenes of a growing woman.. We are right behind the stage towards the audience, but scared to know the result afterwards.

As for me, I would still be wondering for the most days to come. I will still be that woman behind the scenes. I would try to perform when the audience leaves…But I know that I need to take the leap of faith just to perform this once and for all…

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