Attached to the broken wings

Rochelle Rosenberg

Attached to the broken wings

June 18, 2020 lifestyle 0

I have been working with myself for many years and I discover new learnings every time. Attached to the broken wings, the ideals to heal, deal and fly again.

My life might not be interesting to many, for those who barely knew me. I grew up in poverty, i was raised in platter where the servings are not pleasing to the belly. I was taught that in a way to survive, you must deal with things as they are and you must act instantly.

Wether you are logically smart or intellectually brainy, it won’t bring you that far if you don’t act and deal with your troubles right at hand. My mother says, “don’t wait to do things tomorrow if you have the time now, who might know if tomorrow might not arrive”.

I was thinking about my past experiences as a child. I only spent my days in thinking of pitiness towards myself and I only saw my broken wings unable to fly. I thought it was the end of that wing and that it might be useless to bear behind my shoulders rack so I just went around murmuring about all the failures I partially did. Somehow, my environment has its contribution to the broken pieces of the feather in my wings.

Through the years, I have discovered the small antidotes for the healing process of that wing. And as I carried on my wings along my journey, I was surprised that I am starting to heal every strand of the feathers. And I saw that light has revealed the hidden brilliance of the feathers colors. And day by day, the feathers grew and Eventually, I could stretch them out.

I have learned to gain the trust for myself again. Discovering the hidden treasures of heaven. Those golden treaaures I love to keep in my heart yet too overwhelming due to its bulky size. The malady of these world had made me see there was nothing wrong with all the painful passages I passed. And last, there was nothing wrong with me. I have learnt to accept myself even if others rejects me

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