Do Not Worry at ALL..

Rochelle Rosenberg

Do Not Worry at ALL..

June 2, 2020 lifestyle 0

When we say do not worry.. It doesn’t mean we didn’t care.. It just means we know for sure we can’t change the circumstances.. We just know that we still have the opportunity to change whatever is ahead of us…


The concept is beautiful, but how do we reach this level of faith?

how does one actually achieve the level of not worrying even when you hear that “everything’s going to be okay”? Yet the problems keep bothering you? And you know that it doesn’t feel okay..

We have to start the process of looking backwards. Haven’t we had so many trials and most of them haven’t found any solutions at all. Most of the problems didn’t even found an answer at the moment we needed them..? Isnt that awkward?

And yet… After all the trials and problems we faced, we still live and survived.. We had learnt a new strategy on how to handle such situations and we also learnt how to manage ourselves.. And we have discovered to discipline our concerns and behaviour on how to deal with the issues.

Many people believe in G‑d, but true trust in G‑d is a whole different level. People who trust in G‑d don’t worry. They do their best to help out the situation, but they know that the outcome is in the hands of G‑d, and ultimately, it’s for the good.

Look back to where you were ten years ago and look where you have reached today, and tell me: Is there a reason to worry?” is it necessary? Does it help?

Why not look at the people who are actually in need your help right now and lay your troubles in the hands of the mighty.. Be a vessel of blessing to others and help them out of their difficulties.. And we will realise how fortunate we are with the ability to become an inspiration of joy and an instrument of good.


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