My Social media changed

Rochelle Rosenberg

My Social media changed

April 15, 2020 lifestyle 0

in my whole life as an adult… I am glad to meet the husband who made me feel I am beautiful even if rarely think about it myself. Im glad he made me feel loved that I forget to post on facebook how much we love each another. I

didnt need the likes to feel good..because he made my house a home and made my heart warm. He made my children feel they have a father and we all felt as if we became whole…

I have noticed from my past posts in the last 12 years… Everyday I use to post something about my activities. I use to post useless commentaries and how obnoxious I was about life and everything. I have never felt loved and I have never felt worthy. Never had a day I had positive thoughts. And although I had relationships, I still felt neglected and alone. The friends I met wasnt real to me. They were just there for some reason I guess that they didnt had any choice. But now, I know that God has been so good to me…

But these 2years, it had changed… My posts became few about myself. I started to minimise the attention and I have learned to protect my familys welfare in social media….Most of all… I didnt care more about problems….because God made me complete…And the people who use to discriminate me and spiritually abused me… I have discovered that they were wearing mmasks all along… SO for the record.. I have to give Applause to GOD in heaven…I am using social media without my privacy being taken away!

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