Health care professionals Go to work even in disasters periods of time

Rochelle Rosenberg

Health care professionals Go to work even in disasters periods of time

March 18, 2020 lifestyle 0

Thought for the day. I have heard it said many times that health care professionals joke and do not take COVID 19 seriously. Maybe we aren’t hysterical as everyone else. But I would like to draw your attention to 4 facts.

First, in order to work in healthcare, one must have a sick / dark sense of humor – forgive that it is just a requirement. And if you’re not one of us, you don’t understand.

Secondly, just because we do not buy 50 cases of baked beans and quarrels about the last can of Antibac spray or toilet roll from our local stores, does not mean we are not preparing. And most of us do not have the income to store. We just buy necessary things to consume for a month or for a day,
It does not mean we aren’t prepared., in fact we go to work as a daily routine without knowing what illnesses we can come in contact with ….. So prevention of infection and standard precautions are part of our everyday lives.

Third, when has mass hysteria helped any situation? Does your worry and fear contributes any good for the sake of societys welfare?
We may be trained to keep calm, cool and collected in stressful situations.

And last but not least … while everyone is worried about travel bans, government enforced quarantine, and being out of school / work for who knows how long, who do you still think will be allowed and required to go to work?
You guessed it right .. !! Healthcare professionals! We are the one’s that doesn’t have bans at work..
So ….. Don’t panic … use your common sense … pay attention to yourself and others … stay safe … Go now and wash your hands. 😷🧼🚰🏨 😷🧼🚰🏨 😷🧼🚰🏨

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