When Swineflu amassed a life

Rochelle Rosenberg

When Swineflu amassed a life

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I am not used to eat a lot of pig and shrimp. I grew up in a poor family and meat are very expensive. So we barely ate those when i was little. We ate mostly chicken because there’s huge sale of it most of the weekends when the market change their items. And most of our diet was vegetables soup because we couldn’t afford. We usually ate meat 2x month when I was little in what I can remember.

I dont crave meat but its recommended to eat for the needs of the body and the nutrition we benefit from it. yet shrimp, lobster, fish without scales are common cleaners of the sea and riverbed. The pigs is likely to human and it eats its dirt and even can eat other pigs wounds. and some birds aren’t edible due to their nature.
The big consumption of pig and shrimp… though has created some health issues.
Not just these food but other kinds of food can create bad effects on our health as well.

I noticed my body has become more healthier despite that i dont eat pig often.. On the other hand, i have some skin rashes when I ate pig before and have some skin allergy when I eat shrimp and lobster. I could die. 😂 When I was young I thought it was asthma. But now I know. 😕💭 So I stick with the diet I grew up with. More vegetables and chicken and fish… And now because I can afford… I eat my favourite philippines beef stew and soup.

I dont condemn those who eat and I know like you and me.. We can be hated because we have a changed diet. As the scriptures say.. The one who eats herbs cannot condemn the ones who eat unclean..
So do i… But most response we may receive can contain information of disregard and anger. Be prepared h😂💢
As Islam has other way of looking at pigs. I dont look at pork like them. I just know for sure some way or other, it is still a creation.. And as a believer in God.it is still a living being. It is edible to eat for many… And im not against people who est that. My personal diet is my own responsibility. But I am aware of how farms raise their cattles. Because I myself grew up while my parents raised a lot and lots of pigs.. We sold them and we earned from them..
And if you think pig is life.. i get you.. Dont worry… If the pig is treated well and raised in an open farm without manipulation of chemicals pellets in their food.. Then you are good to go. Sweden and some other country has the farm and animal control so you are in a safe mode.

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