The truth About Us!

Rochelle Rosenberg

The truth About Us!

February 10, 2020 lifestyle 0

In Hebrew there is NO WORDS OR TRANSLATION CHURCH. it was all about GREEK TRANSLATION that has the translation Church. And in jewish mindset if we refer to the roots of Biblical term, it is normal for them to gather in homes and have a common meeting regarding their practices and beliefs.

And somehow in other days they meet in synagogue
But, the problem is, under the grecian/seleucid empire ca 165BC the Greek/Roman have persecuted many and that was before Jesus. Many died practicing their faith openly therefore the Antiochus 4 had made even a law that ANYONE CAUGHT in practicing the biblical feasts and tradition, observing sabbath or observing their dietary laws or even reading their Torah(5books of Moses)will die. So in those days many died, and So apparently, thats how the Hellenists were born. Some of the jews came over to Greek and denied their god and customs. And some of these blasphemous converts to greek/roman had become idolatrous to the antiochus statue zeus. And in those days, those whom have not denied their faith have learned more to gather themselves at homes. That is when Jesus as well came and people thought that He was false because of the oppression of the jewish and gentile converts to Judaism.

The pharisees and saducees though had already been implementing laws that would benefit both the empire of rome and would somehow try to take in the jewish community and even the non jewish converts.

Imagine how much they had to go through those days just to perform their faith. And we nowadays are enjoying and just learning about it. Isnt that an encouraging story and a history of our faith?

In those days of persecution, the people of the Lord learned to protect their co minded people, it made a division between the people to determine which side they were on. And even nowadays we could see big differences between us all.

With denominations, every person determined to be loyal to their churches, arent that the same as the greek times? And in that we are even slanderous towards another. We are in a new era with a same amount of falsehood when it comes to faith. We are actually afraid to stand truely without knowing where we belong. We have forgotten the reality of our roots and the truth of our faith…

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