How is Marriage Defined Perfect?

Rochelle Rosenberg

How is Marriage Defined Perfect?

January 20, 2020 lifestyle 0

Social media is overwhelming with photos of couples travelling together, having many material collections, luxurious hotels and meals together with a 5 star treatment… And a smile on their face… And everyone behind the screen claims it… HAPPINESS!

But is this true happiness? Is it based on your social media accounts? Is it based on where you went? Where you ate and what you have? Is relationship based now according to the comfort that it gives?

Is relationship based now according to the comfort that it gives? 

As Marriage starts, some have comfortable beginnings. Some can afford to travel, shopping, eat in luxurious restaurants and gain expensive things. In the beginning of a comfortable journey, many would claim it perfect….mostly they say with a selfish word “My Life is Perfect”

But are these things we see with our eyes only perfect because we are comfortable? Because we didnt need to stretch and struggle a bit..? Or is it perfect only for us with the benefits for ourselves as the other partner would sacrifice a lot….

What if…. The beginning of marriage was tears of uncertainty and unexpected changes, desolation, trials, pain, failures and the only thing you have is enough to eat for the day. All you have materially is not expensive as everyone has… And the travels you dreamed once is out of the plan. The restaurant meals are far from expected and you have to stretch the budget at home?

In the midst of all this mess, will you still look at your partner and say…. Our life is perfect together.. We get the odds meaningful and we will gain the travel, the comfort of this life and the expensive things will come afterwards… The perfect life is here and now.. We live and breath making the journey home… Because together we can do it without the efforts of one another…

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