How Can We Know God?

Rochelle Rosenberg

How Can We Know God?

January 18, 2020 lifestyle 0

People who have never been into tragic situations do not understand the struggles of the person suffering. Unless a person has empathy and understanding they wouldn’t degrade the suffering one. In the scenario of todays generation, in the surrounding of a religious circles. One who suffers taught to be understood, helped and guided.
But in reality, although we have heard what they went through, we just actually didn’t listen. Mostly in small group prayers, the motives of every screaming tefillah (prayer) is that the person suffering must revoke its sin and ask forgiveness. And mostly, the prayer focuses on sin but not speaking about hope, true guidance and freedom. With this in mind, the person itself has a fault of whats happening to them..after the prayer we actually just leave the person suffering by itself.. Struggling alone.. Until we hear one day they took suicide.. And we say.. We actually have prayed for them.. And then we say.. Its sin with suicide…..

What a sad experience for believers… And only few are active in doing what is good.. Those who are awake in their soul.

This suffering ones without understanding where they have been are called sinners, childrens of the devil and merely ignored because they are described as “attention seeker”, manipulative and aggressive. Which the children of the devil is the term of many.

In the scriptures, we are commanded to love. And to put love in definition is to have a merciful heart, to have an ear to hear and to listen. To have patience and
to get close to heal and eventually with the help of God, the suffering one may learn to navigate back to reality of Hope and may learn to control its personal emotions. By then as healing actually takes place, the person will built its foundations to get close in learning Torah. To learn more about God’s love.

But are we really doing this thing called love?
Aren’t within “Christianity” are we all foolish to use the bible so bravely that we intimidate one another as if we have never done anything wrong at all. As if we have forgotten how it was to be broken, alone and empty.
We are so focused and high tempered in teaching others without ourselves experiencing the hardships others had. And we are proud of the small learning we get although in reality we don’t know nothing at all. Aren’t we so falsely towards ourselves?
And we go around the town and show ourselves as preachers, teachers of the law and behind our curtains we have beaten someone else by the words of our toungue and the tip was we have used the word of God to barely show that we are godly?

When someone suffers, we pray for them. And the help stops there….
Not many of us actually opens our door to give a food, a clothes a piece of our money to support the needy without posting to the society. Without proclaiming a big event “I helped someone today”. Isnt this so sad that our lives depend on the needs our self? And what more can I say?
I have seen so many suffered within the line. I myself had suffered. But for the sake of my life, I wanted to share the thoughts I observed in this life. And I have learned along the way that, I can live the Godly life even without the posts of understanding and helping others.
I have seen many preachers, and people who have earned billions and sold God for their own benefits….. Lived in luxurious hotels and fabulous mansions with a glittering cars with the thought that God blesses with wealth while the members are suffering in their own home.

If we want to teach our children the ways of Torah.. We should start to learn privacy. And we shall teach them to help others as much as you can without asking or expecting anything. But with a fearful heart, we do it for the Love of God. And as we do this things.. Our lives will be spared from evil and it will go well with us.

Love lots Rochelle

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