Authority and Godly Power

Rochelle Rosenberg

Authority and Godly Power

January 14, 2020 lifestyle 0

Hi Family. Boker tov from sweden.
Today I have a different thoughts as I ponder on my morning routines. As My soul awakes.. I try to observe and digest the dreams I had last night. And it was all about the wars of nations.

It is interesting to see the governments changes since I was Im 33. Who touches the nations and its leaders? Who gives power to the authorities to test the hearts of mankind in its motives?

I have said once, i wont be involved in politics. The more i said so, the more Hashem showed me the difference of justification to justice. It was horrible to witness in my age the killings of war at times it makes us scared. But who does give life and take it? And who does give the mercy as He want to? Who makes the every living thing fulfill its purpose both for good and bad? And to the purpose of showing that we as mankind has the heart to set ourselves and to incline the soul to the very first meaning of our lives.

I realised, as far as I am still young.. That political issues is difficult thing to understand, we speak sometimes without knowledge and we speak because sometimes of what we heard. We utter things because we just dont want to be left unspoken. But what if, we compare the political issues of the torah or the whole tanakh itself into the realities of life?
Isn’t it Hashem shows us the opportunity to be observant of His ruling? How He manage even the nations at its wickedness to be a purpose to fulfill its good at end?

What if the ruling authorities are just an image of how we actually react on the essential part of His ruling over our spiritual lives. Will our heart truly want to incline? I believe the soul want to. But what about our heart? Will it be willing?

And the torah is the implementation of the words to expose the issues of our disobedience.. And the earth is just a court for the living to find its way towards developing obedience in spiritual demands.

Whew! That was long.. It was all my thoughts my friends.
Be blessed.
/lovingly yours Rochelle

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