A Leprous Tongue, Wicked Mouth

Rochelle Rosenberg

A Leprous Tongue, Wicked Mouth

January 14, 2020 lifestyle 0

I feel so sad when i read fights within the body of Christ. It was good for discussions as per the Disciples had also duscussions regarding their opinions and thoughts but in their manner had good knowledge and communication skills to not defame or degrade each other. Imagine they are different individuals with different backgrounds and mindset. So are we.

When I go to religious platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram or websites entitled with encouragement for believers, I thought we should learn from each other. But i saw much people degrading and biting one another. Sometimes others feel higher than everybody else. I think that in those group, the CHRISTIAN MENTALITY is still crawling..their comments to one another are way below the belt.

Even if there were no swearing and cussing, those for me were not damaging but the words they release were making a person feel useless and more outcasted. The words of judgement from others makes the person itself doubt their own identification and their personal perception of their faith. Thus, it makes a person slide and fall into the deep hall of sin. And the cause is the tongue of a leper..

If we live the faith. We should leave the mindset of the world…
Please dont harm your own family in Messiah Yeshua.. Be consierate and be gracious in speech. Be loving in your thoughts and be mindful of others situation wether they know much or little.

People that know more should be more kinder to teach,more patient to explain and more engaged to guide others. In that way, the one who know less will not be left behind and will be equal to those who know more.

Please don’t make the body feel unattached and outcasted. The way we handle and meet one another defines the health of the body.. If we care of our own bodies why not we should do the same to the body of Yeshua whom we are grafted into…?

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