Speak your Prayer

Rochelle Rosenberg

Speak your Prayer

December 15, 2019 lifestyle 0

Hashem, You give me so much. Thank You for the food, for our home, my parents, my brothers and sisters. Thank you for all the blessing that You always give us, all day and all night, you sustained us. For my beautiful children and the newborn gift if life. For my marriage blessed with peace and growth. For the opportunity to live in this blessed land and for all the tiny, huge blessings that arch across my days.

Thank You for always taking care of us. And I just want to ask You for one thing that is very close to my heart…

The ability to see, to walk, to hear, to nurture, to smile…to remember the days of joyful memories, to reckon the laughters of my beloved ones. To remember the smell of the flowers, the trees, to remember the taste of every spice and remember You all the days of my life. And then I know what my one request would be before I end.. , at the end of a sleepless night, at the end of my thoughts, I ask for one prayer. Peace.

If You give me the words, if You give me the strength in my heart, if You return to me a spark of the purity of my soul on this ordinary weekday morning, I will have one prayer. One line of connection to You, to myself, to the ultimate purpose of my life. And that is all I need. One prayer.

And suddenly I am almost there. The cold stones cradling my worn out soul, the slice of sky beckoning to my weary heart, the space between the flashbacks that swallows my pain as I pray and pours my tears into the sky, transforming ordinary words into precious jewels of eternity.

One prayer.. One prayer..

Can change the world.. Love and Care, Rochelle