Be Strong and Of Good Courage

Rochelle Rosenberg

Be Strong and Of Good Courage

October 27, 2019 lifestyle 0

So be strong and of good courage. Do not let your heart be frightened, do not be anxious. For the Lord of Israel is with you wherever you go. God will give you strength, God will give send help, He will strongly uphold you. He will guide you with His righteousness and strong mighty hand. Have trust in Him. (Joshua 1:9 / Deuteronomy 31:6 / Isaiah 41: 10

Life isn’t always smooth sailing. But it appears that Elohim our God, in his vast eternal plan, intended for us to experience difficulties in life. We can’t escape them, we were made to win victories over them.
Evidently, we grow from our discomfort and challenges, to emerge better, stronger, wiser and more productive people.

There is always a purpose to pain. As everyone say (with such compassion that I want to hit them!), “No pain, no gain.” It would seem that, like the olive, through crushing violently and produce its vwry best oil.. we too yield our very best when we are under pressure.
(From personal experience— people who know me would confirm) The simple fact is that we produce best under pressure. And the quality of our soul is refined as gold through the trials.
The trials are there to prove we are strong, that we may win it not by our own. If we acknowledge that we are in need of spiritual guidance from God. It is then we will win every obstacles. It may not be directly, but in every step.. We will get there..

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