Identity in Christ

Rochelle Rosenberg

Identity in Christ

October 23, 2019 lifestyle 0

It is so sad that there are always people who are not born of the spirit who have no desire to study the scriptures. Therefore, those who are born in the spirit are called talmidim (thus disciples) because they are dedicated to schooling in scripture and the good advice of life = Torah (instructions in the 5 books of Moses)
Those who are not born in the spirit will never have the longing but on the surface have heard of salvation, lived among the saved, they have heard but not understood and will always take advantage of others and will not want to listen to the voice of heaven. The person whom is not born in The spirit will always sit among people in a church shell and is always dry and proud.
However, the one born in the Spirit will always do its best to educate, learn, listen and open up to hear, and live it. He who is born of the Spirit is attached to Yeshua’s teachings and does not change the scriptures but follows it with his heart and that person .. Have a heart for others who are weak. That person is gentle and meek. It does not intimidate even the poor in spiritual sense and will never humiliate those in sin. In gentleness they would guide them through grace and love of God.
However, we should be glad they exist. Because it is precisely these moments that we can get to know the fruit of a tree; it is through these people that we learn to exercise our spiritual knowledge and gifts. It is through seeing these people that we develop to get to know Elohim. It is because of Yeshua that fixed us in Him through birth in spirit with water…that we gained an extended family belonging to the Jewish nation.
Shalom to you and your house and everything you have under your roof
. blessings
Love and care

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