Rochelle Rosenberg


September 8, 2019 lifestyle 0

Have you ever noticed how many times we release words in a day? By speech, written or by thoughts.. What if all of them becomes visible to everybody? Will we learn to withdraw from speaking unnecessary words that either would hurt or would build..

I have had circumstances whereas I spoke words to others that are uplifting, and they went on the whole day remembering what I said. Sure it was a small thing yet for me and it didn’t matter so much. I just think that I had to give a compliment because that day I saw a particular thing which was beautiful.. And for that person, it was intimately touching. Then I meet people who do the same to me. With kind words and sweet comments, I swear I would melt right where I stood. And the other person would say, ” i thought I needed to tell that to you”. But that word was unnoticed by me nor the person who spoke it. Who knows? That complimentary words would uplift one to reach a dream come true? Who knows by a simple word, it could change a person totally?

What if our thoughts were visible to everybody. And every thing we think would just pop out of the air surrounding us? I believe it would embarrass us secretly or it would humiliate us for some reason. Or maybe, some thoughts were great that it would also make us feel good and helpful.. Probably some thoughts were better ignored than spoken. Or else we mught end up in trouble with them.

We must be careful of our words as the word says: life and death is on our tongues.

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