Churching of Our times

Rochelle Rosenberg

Churching of Our times

September 4, 2019 lifestyle 0

This article is not written to find faults within the churches but to encourage the leaders to seek the needs of the people spiritually rather than to entertain them. To carry out the the true meaning of the message through the glad tidings of the gospel rather than fitting a preaching to suit a certain kind of people. Fear of God is a must. And the leaders must now earn from them. But freely give them.

Many comes to church for a sensational purpose. To meet friends, to feel relieved, to feel religiously connected, yet there is no spiritual motivation to seek the meaning of Christ. This sensation fills the power of infidelity and lack of spiritual desire. One by one, the church is filled with comfortable people rather than faithful beings.

Such preaching engenders anger and strife, but very little of the love of Christ; yet it undoubtedly proves attractive to a certain class of people.

– Charles Patterson

Every meeting, the church is proudly presenting its workshops with pride. Highlighting the importance of their jobs done in pride. In every presentation, they eat the every second to fill the speech about countless words to speak only about the works they’ve done. Not that I dont want to know about what they do, but the timhave consumed only by their commercial purposes. I experienced boredom in church whereby I have to stand out a 15-30 minutes of entertainment before I calm down my earthly body to prepare for their teaching. Some of the teaching was more colder than what it should meant. And the sensation fills the environment. But there was no spiritual sense, only emotional and only sense of logic. And suddenly, I fall asleep.

The lust of meeting the people in church becomes weak inside of me. I came to eat the meat for my soul. But it seemed very welcoming to everyone to recognise the commercial events of the church. And to feel “in” rather than to fill fed by the scriptures. And God was the last to be thanked for.

And it proves daily, the more the person was present in the church, many are motivated because of the meeting, engulfed by what they’re going to hear. They are excited to come to church to see a specific person or people holding a speech, because it seemed that the “person” has something for “me”. But essentially, their spirit has issues. And the speech did not make any effect somehow. Because the issue was not resolved, it was more likely to be put away. And the more activities they joined, they damp the desire of the soul to be connected to their God.

The sensational attendance fills the church. But the soul is lacking in the bench. And the spirit of God is outside the building. But the show must go on and the sales of the books must continue. The coffee bar must accommodate all the church visitors and the administration will be filled with glorification. How good they have done for that day.

I am not against the church, in fact I encourage so many people to meet and greet there. Yet there must be an inner desire to be there for the sake of the food for the soul. And there must be a teacher eager to promote healthy spiritual activities rather than selling books, selling coffees and joining a lot of meetings that costs a lot.

If Yeshua was still with us, He wouldn’t allow a church to be a marketing platform for preachers to benefit from. He wouldn’t allow a cold atmosphere to be filled with entertainment, I guess He would fill every desire and every need to be addressed in a right manner and everyone who will go home are healed and will have peace.

Jesus declared his true mission to be. It was certainly not to construct a vast ecclesiastical system. His gospel was to be one of spiritual enlightenment—for the healing of persons that were diseased in either mind or body. There was no article of belief nor complex creed. – Charles Patterson

All in all.. Some churches are the bank robbers of our time.
Not all.. But the large ones and some comes as thieves.. And some comes from a well-known people in the pews.

This seemed to be a churching pf our times..

You have to live your faith and don’t be swayed so easily because of the high influences. See the lifestyle, dig deep

Read more about the scriptures.

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