Tear the Idols from your Home

Rochelle Rosenberg

Tear the Idols from your Home

August 24, 2019 lifestyle 0

God hates idolatry. It is likely to adultery. You bring about a statue made of out wood, silver or gold. You give and serve incense and preferably pray and speak to it with your mind. By this you connect yourself into a spiritual prostitution.

Thus, the statue cannot hear your words, cannot see your tears and situation. And God is jealous because when we adore human creations and serve them, we ignite his anger and jealousy.

God wants that we speak to Him alone, because He can make a change within your circumstances and give strength in your weaknesses. He catches your tears and may keep you far from troubles. Peace will reside in your home.

7:25 “You shall burn their idols with fire. You shall have no desire for the silver and gold that is on them, nor take any of it yourself, lest you be cut off from it, for it is abominable for HaShem your God. “(SFB revised) – We must destroy idols in our territory. But we do not have the right to do so in the territory of others.

7:26 “Thou shalt not let any abominable thing enter into thy house, lest thou also suffer affliction. You must count such things as extremely disgraceful and abominable. It is the playhouse. ”(SFB) – Be careful about what you bring into your home! Go through all your children’s toys, all the clothes you have, all the magazines you have, all the paintings and cards you have, all the ornaments, all the jewelry and everything else you have. All objects used in idolatry, for example in Midsummer, Lucia and Christmas celebrations, or manufactured for the sake of idols, such as Buddha statues, Catholic candles, Muslim prayer mats and the Thursday hammer, are abominable objects for the Ende. If you bring such items into your home, you will receive the judgment that falls on them, cf. Joshua 7.

Acts 15: 20a says:

“They shall abstain from uncleanness through idolatry” (SFB)

One must dispose of all objects that have been defiled by paganism.

8: 1 “All the commandments that I give you today, you must be careful to live and be numerous, and to enter and take possession of the land which HaShem swore to you. fathers. ”(SFB revised) – The result of obedience is life, multiplication, and the right to live in the land of Israel. Do you want to win many souls for the coming Kingdom? Keep the bids that apply to you and you will multiply.

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