Modest or Overly Dressed?

Rochelle Rosenberg

Modest or Overly Dressed?

August 4, 2019 lifestyle 0

Maybe they just thought I was behind the times or thoroughly overdressed? Or that sometimes they thought i looked so old in the dress, or some comments that I dont know how to buy modern ones to get along with the fashion… But who cares..?

In this times, we often are good at dressing to stand out the crowd. What in should be in our wardrobes, and we tend to make fun of people who dont get “in”.

Or sometimes, we mostly try to find our identification in the clothes that we wear. Which mostly can be misunderstood by people or trigger people to comment. And this gratification makes us somewhat to feel important. Can’t we not just dress modestly without the comments of others? Cant we just dress decency without provocative body language?

You can be very well dressed and yet your manners don’t have any connections to your fashion. Or you can be less-dress i suppose, yet your integrity is well respected.

As I went through and read other beneficial articles about torah women.. I stumbled in this article on chabad. And I would like to share it with you.

I have found a message by Ilene Rosenblum at Chabad.

Adam and Eve were initially able to perceive that the soul is the essence of a person, and the body is but a tool. There was no shame, and therefore no need for clothing. Since their sin, mankind has become easily misled by judging people by what they see on the outside. And that’s where my dilemma comes in.

Individuals though we may claim to be, in all places on earth where people have enough resources to actually choose what they want to wear, few people make that decision truly independently. In high school, dress code identifies whether you’re a “skater,” “goth,” or “preppy.” Later on, clothing makes a statement about profession or the economic class a person is in (or wishes they could be in). Perhaps because it’s all so new, the stakes here seem higher.

Dressing up is a respect to ones self. To give one a covering for protection in keeping something you dont want to show to everyone else.. And no matter what you wear, don’t be swallowed by the lifestyle. Wear a respectable clothing.. You are not obliged to stand out the crowd…
Just be godly and wear holiness in you. Remember that Yeshua came and were not royally dressed but brough down the spiritual clothing to redeem us all. Let’s all come to conclusions.. Let dress up decently and dont mind other people’s ways of dressing… One day.. They’ll also learn along the journey…

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