The thoughts of Then and Now

Rochelle Rosenberg

The thoughts of Then and Now

June 24, 2019 lifestyle 0

LIFE HAD BEEN UPS AND DOWNS, Oh my! Im still standing!! Boy! The kids had grown! Time had made a blast, Children grow fast!! I’m feeling so emotional!

When I looked back how hard it was! Pushing up and making all things come to its place, Trying to make ends meet and God was always been gracious. God had been so generous. How many of those years I spent in crying, Those times I spent trying, and the times I felt dying!

Did you know? to make my ends meet, my children received used clothes from friends because I could not afford. I received gifts of clothes from friends because I do not have enough to buy one.I received help from a best friend in the US just to make it through. I used to pick up double jobs just to find extra amount for myself despite that I was married. I wont deny, it had been an abusive relationship! I got remarried 2nd time and it didnt worked. But I never complained, instead! I bent my knees in prayer in ALL THOSE YEARS till now.. And thank God I am free…
In between the lines, I have been judged by many leprous tounges, and I fought the battle. I was beaten and I can see clearly now although the peak of my purpose has not yet been fufilled… I can see, how strong I have been!!!
despite of the hardships…Im proud of what we have become!!!
Hashem is to be Praised

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