Keep Going

Rochelle Rosenberg

Keep Going

June 9, 2019 lifestyle 0

In every path of the way, you will always have the adventure of meeting different people in your life. And in every places and time, there are moments that you will never forget.

Never allow any events that cause deep hurt to turn your views in life to be suspicious on others. Most of these events were difficult, yes it might be different as to what others had experienced but it is not intended for you to become a negative person it is intended to make you grow and mature.

It is not easy to understand things sometimes but through the years, there are new things we learn and those are the highlights of our times. The good and the bad… The bad are the uprising event that shows we are able to face a new challenge to learn new things, that we await a good thing to cone in the morrow.The good is the results of the events that proves we strived enough to reach the goals.

The bad things that happened, some of them we didn’t wish to come and we didnt want strife to happen at all. We live in a world where nutrition for growth needs to be cultivated by experiences, some unexpected events and occasions that would either form us to become stronger or weak,either to rise or to fall. It depends on our reactions if we are observant on our emotional sides.

We havr to learn to manage emotional issues because sometimes they will cause us to be partial in every decision making. Sometimes right decisions does not happen out of emotions. It happens out of sound mind.

Look forward.

Whatever happens, if you meet struggles, keep moving. Stand up again. Do it again. It might be tiring, but you will discover the power of your strength if you have hope within your heart.


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