Failure is not a Scary thing

Rochelle Rosenberg

Failure is not a Scary thing

January 3, 2019 Uncategorized 0

In truth, there is only one thing that can put you further ahead than success, and that is failure. When you are successful, you are whole and complete. That is wonderful, but with wholeness you cannot break out beyond your own weaknesses.. They are made to be your stepping stone to learn… To become successful and to become knowledgeable of the good. To distinguish good from evil.. And from there.. You excel the image of God from within.

Every time you take a step, no one can every say if you will succeed or fail.. And in every success, you will recognise the power within you that brought you to where you stand. And in every failure, you will recognise the knowledge and wisdom that leads you to become a better person reaching out with the senses of your soul.

Nevertheless, do not absorb the negative speech spoken over you by people, for they know which is appropriate for them and in which they try to implement upon you. In such a case, use the Torah (instructions) to become your teacher along the way. For whatever words that they try to implement can be so different from what is written. Never neglect the people who tries to impact you with the truth. In an image of honesty where they allow you to take the decision for yourself and still they give you a helping hand to stand up whenever you fall. For in that sense, you might have found a true one friend in a godly manner.

Remember the story of Adam and Eve. There was no plot. But it was made in the essence of truth where in the beginning, mankind were complete with the fullness of good.

But because of mankinds attitude of being easily swayed… Failure came and drafted mankind to think its the end.
Failure lets you go where your footsteps could never take you. And in every failure you know how to return..

Never forget…
Without failure, we can never truly reach into the depths of our souls. Only once we have failed can we return and reach higher and higher without end.

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