The performance of the Blossoms

Rochelle Rosenberg

The performance of the Blossoms

January 1, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Life had always been a season of learning. A season of growing and a season of bloom. A season of withering and a season of starting all over again.

When we see how the tree, which during the winter was dry and withered, yet hidden underneath was the roots filled with nourishment but scared of the outside world.. we think of life sometimes to be the same.. Yet as we see the spring comes and shines over the dry and withered tree, it starts to awaken and replies with the glimmering of the small leaves and small seeds to be ready and is soon to be in full bloom, suddenly we are revitalized. When we watch the transformation of nature, we gain the courage and inspiration to lift out of our despair, and it reminds us that God has given us the tools to renew ourselves.

We gain the courage to lift out of despair, to renew ourselves.

We live in a time when it’s a struggle to keep hope alive. All that is decent in mankind seems to be impatient against forces so irrational and evil that peace seems to be beyond what any thought can elaborate.

And yet… the trees give us a message of hope. They show us how after a period of barreness and drought despair and sadness comes the bloom and incomparable great perfume.. The gladness it brings and the signs of life that the flower represents. We all are like flowers that blooms in time and withers after ita purpose. Yet under the times of our excellence we perform the beauty which was cultivated by trials and forces of darkness before bloom. And we will always bloom in time… Under the hands of God we are nurtured very well!

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