Willow Tree

Rochelle Rosenberg

Willow Tree

August 18, 2018 Uncategorized 0
There was a man who found a willow
He took her as his own
He settled down and promised her
A love so true, promise of forever
He built her up and made her believe
That his heart won’t mak her grieve
And she rose her branches to receive him
Loved and cherished from within

He was her song in the morning

And he was her smile in evening
Her brilliant colours made spectacle
All eyes were drawn to her in wonder
Yet one day he bid goodbye
So she wept under the sky
And her heart was deeply dismayed
She wept as her coulours fade away.
And as time passed by he changed
His smiles had never been the same
His eyes turned dim when he stares

His willow started catching tears

And all the while he built her lies

From time to time it reveals his eyes

His heart became as cold as ice
He broke her heart and she moaned and cried
She holds her face beneath the leaves
As her tears fall down her cheeks
She watched him fly away
Leaving her with all the empty dreams

He looks at her like she’s a stranger

And he passes like shes not there
The willow tree weeps harshly
And in her weakness she sets him free.
And the wind brought the sound of her cries
And the river carried the tears from her eyes
Day and night…until the willow died.

Written by: Karla Rochelle Darang
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