You Are My God

Rochelle Rosenberg

You Are My God

August 17, 2018 Uncategorized 0
You are the glory of my head
You are the saviour I needed
You are my life and my passion
In Your Spirit I am strong
And this is who I am in You
This is who I am…in You
When the mountains stood against me
You sustained me with strength
I moved the mountains through faith
And the ocean calmed in Praise
When my soul is weak and tired
You told me not to be afraid
You filled my heart with grace
And this is who I am in You..
You are the air that I breath
You are my refuge and my hidaway
You are the beat of my heart
and the light of my way
you are the one who makes me blessed
in Your Spirit I am strong
and this is who I am in you
this is who I am.. in you
When my heart is broken
You saw me crying and catched my tears
When everything seemed failing
You made my knees strongly standing
You held me with your power
And surrounded me with your angels
Your love had driven away my fears
and in your arms I am home
this is who I am., in you

Written by: Karla Rochelle Darang

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