Experiencing Separation

Rochelle Rosenberg

Experiencing Separation

August 3, 2018 Uncategorized 0

God has been so good to us!!
I am receiving a miracle from the Lord and I dont know how to thank Him enough. I wake up in the morning and my being is whole. I opened my eyes and God restored my soul! When things seemed to be failing, and all were dying. God showed me life does not end.

Every separation is heartbreaking, and every separation brings sorrow and tears. It brings insecurities and unstable mind. Not knowing that under the process you actually try your best not to engage anymore into the life you used to have.

I have experienced in my separations that being involved in boyfriend-girlfriend relationship indeed bonds you emotionally, physically and soul.  And it is overwhelming when the relationship has just started. Because all seemed too good and all is well done. But after the moments of good times, comes the testing to see how strong the bond is or how stable the relationship is. Which many actually succeed but a few make it through. Generally, most young people like me or some adult also fails. Which leads to broken hearts and bitterness.

There are many problems in the life of a person when it comes to a relationship. We could discuss a lecture of how and what to do, and how and what to avoid. But I believe that the best thing ever that would make a relationship succeed is when both persons agrees to one thing! To have the honor to stand up for one another. I have been married twice. The first marriage to me was tragic and violent. But it does not mean he is a bad man. He is a good father to my children but not good for me. And it brought me to tears because somewhere in my mind. I had loved him for who he was. And people think, just leave them when they are not good. The thing is, I have principle in life. Not because a man is violent means leaving is the chance to eascape. As every crime done, a just shall live by faith. In my case, I gaved the chances to see if he would make an effort to change. Yet it failed.  Then came my second marriage. It was reverse than what I have ever thought. He was kind and calm in speech. Yet some words are provocative and that the desires of his heart was far from me. Not that i intend him to be with all the time. But that in sense of selflessness, he would also think I am with him. And there was no trace of true love. The character of patience, it does not envy, it is not proud. it rejoices in truth and it is not selfseeking.  As time passed by, the bond between us became weaker and the communication died. Eventually, we dragged one another together manually yet it is extra struggle because he is not in full force to work with me. So in the end. It failed… again.

I have learned to accept things as they are. To not murmur it happened to me and to be glad that there is hope and a future. Yes it hurts really bad. But life goes on.

When every thing around was breaking apart, and my tears even fall so heavy on the ground. The Lord shows He watch my path. And He comforted me with His Spirit. When my strength is leaving and my hope is fading away, the Lord put His hands upon my head and whispered I am with you! Trust in me and I will carry you through!

God is gracious. He does not want people to be broken hearted, nor he do not desire divorce. It is merely human being that could not keep their promises and obligations to each other. But God also sends help and comfort even these times.

When anger resided in my heart and madness filled my thoughts, the Lord taught me to forgive and let go. Though the hurt was deeply wounded, and the sore would make me groan.. When all i knew was to complain because of the hurt, God reminded me that even though it is my choice, I have the power to overcome it.  He reminds me that His love surpasses  all..it surpasses beyong knowledge and wisdom. It rejoices in truth and leads a soul to His living water. and His hands healed my wounded soul. He picked up my shattered heart and picked up my broken pieces…
The Lord is gracious and merciful to those who wait.

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