Spiritual Appetite

Rochelle Rosenberg

Spiritual Appetite

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Looking at the life of the Prophet Daniel, as his position starts to rise up and as the King Nebuchadnezzar treasures the wisemen and counsellors of his palace, in his reign the faith of Daniel and his friends Hananiah,Mishael and Azariah were put to test.

The King have banqueting them, giving them all the pleasures of the table. A good appetite.
But Daniel choose to do what is right by saying ” I don’t want the abundance of these banquet but give me a meager diet and ill be happy of it.” Daniel draw his resistance to train his appetite. The need of the body for men shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God.
For Daniel does not want to eat the meal served to other gods. To serve God with all his heart and soul and mind. And in ten days were proven that Daniel and his friends were healthier than those in the banqueting table.
One day the King Nebuchadnezzar dreamt of the statues of gold, silver bronze and iron and was seeking for someone to interpret it. And all sorcerers, astrologers and the chaldeans were eager to know the dream but the King said, first tell me my dream and interpret it or else you die. And Daniel, of all his literature and knowledge and wisdom relied unto God and asked of His wisdom and understanding to know the dream to spare the life of many, and it was so that God gave him the dream and interpretation thereof.
The King was amazed by Daniel put him as the Ruler of Babylon provinces and chief of all wise men and Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah was also promoted.

You see, we all have responsibility of our appetite. We all have different kinds of hunger. Emotional hunger, Spiritual hunger, relationship hunger, intellectual hunger, eye hunger. And we have to train our appetite everyday and be responsible for the things that we are starting to enjoy and avoid the things that can loosen us or soften us that may lead us into loosing the service of the Kingdom of God.

If we want to serve the Lord whole, we have to be responsible to rely not on our own intellect, our own understanding, our own strength but rely on the word of God and live it out that we may be blameless in the sight of God. Like Daniel, we all have to learn to train ourselves to resist the temptation earlier enough that we may not be trapped into its lifestyle and loosen our integrity in the sight of God. That we shall learn to draw the resistance and train our wants than needs. That we may not fall into its bait and loosen the position of being a royal family in the kingdom of God.
For we shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
That we may serve Him in all circumstances being worthy and honest in all our ways being wise in accordance to His righteousness. Serving God with all mind, heart and soul.

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