Will You say ” I do “

Rochelle Rosenberg

Will You say ” I do “

June 5, 2018 Uncategorized 0

They say life begins at 40, I disagree. For me, life begins in marriage. Weddings are wonderful occasion, it’s one of a kind throughout the history. It’s process never changed, and it’s subject has always been the same. Two become One! And all things perform in a day will never determine the lifespan of a marriage. Beyond this things, what comes after wedding? Will we still say I do? Or will we be like a withered flower by the wayside?

Its so beautiful when two people get married. With all the rushing of the days and excitement towards the occasion brings such good expectations about how beautiful and lovely the couples marriage would become. Its so assuming that the days of weddings would represent the daily lives. Beautiful to see a man hold his newly wedded wife and his passion towards her makes me think how much he loves her deeply. How she receieve every movement of his arms around her. Both thirst of each others presence…

Few years later.. will you still say I do? When all the comfort of the beginning had reached its peak and the infatuation had too little space in the couples hearts. Will you still say I do when the matters of the heart was too complicated to talk about because of fear of hurting each other. Where two individuals are afraid to harm themselves rather than to reach new heights. Will you still say I do, to lay down your thoughts and hold the hand of your beloved to the table and make conversation? Will you be open at heart to speak of your deference and deepest thoughts with all honesty? Or will you just sway away with your emotions and shove the situations?

The scriptures speaks about the the matters of marriage to be kind and gentle. Will you still be able to be kind and gentle when the situation is tough and challenging to bear? Or will you be bitter and harsh accusing your partner finding faults placing yourself to be the right one. Maybe, with thoughts it’s the end forgetting the years you spent together. It is wise to make a step and speak about each other’s failures and find out how to help yourselves reach a new solution to the problem.

There are many things that arises in marriage. There are thousands of issues that occur during the day, months and years of daily lives. Is the relationship held as a hiding place or just a playmate sort where the two people tries to adjust themselves even in mistakes rather than correcting each other in love and guiding one another to become a perfect couple. There are many decision making to be made together and mostly, some partners wouldnt want to take responsibility. WIll you still say I do then?

The scriptures says love is patient, enduring, faithful and does not remember wrongs, forgiving and does not easily irritated, it is not bitter. – will you still be the same sweet and thoughtful person when the pressure arises in between you two? Or will you change like the wind and hurl with your emotions and speak with haste?

Remember to align yourself with the love in a godly manner. Never sway yourself from the emotions in marriage. Sit down and talk. Be honest and accept the weaknesses of each other… However, if you are the only believer in the marriage, never impose your beliefe upon your spouse but rather you can share your thought and influence through your attitude.

The Character changes through the years. The thoughts can change the attitude and it needs a divine wisdom to control it. I have alot to say about marriage, but this article would be boring to read if I would only write a long letter. SO I decided to leave it up to you. Will you still say I do? Through all the circumstances that happens.

I do:
rejoice in truth
correct in wrong

If I would look at mine, I would not fall 100% at the list. But we’re trying to reach there.
So my question to you…

Blessings to you all!
Love and Care

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