Meaningless.. Meaningless..

Rochelle Rosenberg

Meaningless.. Meaningless..

May 9, 2018 Uncategorized 0

The old days are not better than today. All things are the same. The rain falls, the clouds can be gray. The sun shines and the day can be dim.. young children grow and the old ones die. And the world stay the same. And the earth returns in its circle night and day.

Never ask, “Oh, why were things so much better in the old days?” It’s not an intelligent question

-wisdom of King

So live your life faithfully gaining wisdom in all areas. Never spend your life in meaningless talk and meaningless desires. For everything that happens under the sun in this life becomes nothing. All the things we perform will never be taken to the grave. And who are we to question the waves of life? When we thought we know everything, still we knew so little. And as we grow in age all things never last. As we learn new thungs they become old. And even our lives are but temporary. Let your mind be sober. Let your heart be guarded in all aspects of life. For out of your heart comes the thoughts that can defile you.

Remember that before you became a Follower of Jesus Christ, you were once with the world. You walked like them. You spoke liked them. You lived like them. But now, that Christ saved you and now the grace of God gives you a new life to live. Let your heart be strengthen. Be not of the world. For they will do all the best that they can to fill the earth with filthy lifestyle and drag the community unto ungodly desires, filling their cup with sexual idolatry and flattering themselves to confirm that all is good and all is wonderful.

Let your mind be sober and think righteously. Do what is good and pleasing in the sight of God. If possible, be peaceful with everyone. Minding your own business and focusing on your walk with God, looking after the needs of ypur family and being ready to minister to all who want to come to Faith. For it will not be easy for you who are godly. You will face various trials and your standing in faith will be tested. You will face persecution to test your faithfullness to your Maker. And you will face a great calamity to test your allegiance to your Master. You will definitely face the people who will despise you, to test your character. And you will be tempted by the devil to test your heart wether your hope is in the Lord your God. That your soul may be strengthened and your spirit will be stirred up and the power in you will be manifested as Children of God. And as the light of this world.

Be thankful in all areas, for life is like a flower that blooms in its peak and the world looks at you as an spectacular scene. And as your life passby your eyes.. you will no longer be useful of the world. So mind your eyes on heavenly things. And do not imitate the ungodly and wicked people. It is hard to live a righteous living for the evil will mock and ridicule you. It is better to have a good reputation than to live wickedly among the ungodly. And the ungodly will entice you with their flattering words, beware of it.

Have hope my sons and daughters in Christ. Have joy my Sisters and Brothers. Have a thankful heart my beloved ones. Guard your heart that nothing you see and hear will defile you. So not forget. Once you have been baptised in Christ Jesus, who redeemed you from the destruction of the soul and reconciled you to the Maker. The life you lived now is for Him.

Let your ears be subject to words that I say. So it will go well with you. For your very life is not a matter of things that can be broken. Love your maker and hate evil. For everything that is against the law of moral stature and living, is the enemy of God. Every human that practices evil and wicked things. And all mankind that despise good. All these people that are liars, traitor, unloving, unforgiving, backbiter, arrogant, disobedient to parents and the authorities, are subjected to face their end. But in the end of days when you strived hard to lice righteously in the short life, you alsonwill meet the judge…ready to meet your maker.

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