Hidden message of Summer

Rochelle Rosenberg

Hidden message of Summer

April 13, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Before Summer comes, there is a lot of preparation happening in the ground. The farmers are preparing for their tools to till the soil. And before summer comes, the awakening of the trees and hibernating animals are in process. Thus, the small seeds that had been scattered by the birds are exposed on the ground. For by this time, the snow or the rainy season had already passed by. And the small plants grow successively, it’s growth can not be determined because there are many troubles it can meet, either an insect would eat it, or another bird would pluck it or someone passes and might step on it. Thus it’s growth relies on the hand of its gardener, The Creator!

Photo: Sunrise in March

Photo: Sunset in March by the Pond

Photo: Snow starts to melt in March

Until then, it has a long way to the summer.. For now, the awakening of all lives in forests or in the cities is at hand…

Summer is coming also relies about what I wrote recently on my blog. Summer actually reveals life from the ground which we never take notice of. Mostly because its winter. Thibgs are hidden under stiff soil. For the knowledge of mankind, only the trees are left to sleep but in fact what hides under is the growing of the small creatures moving under it and with the privileged of the warning signs of summer, they starts to come up on the surface. Notice, at the beginning of changing weather towards summer, no one actually take a break to give notice to small beginnings of these small plants, we usually notice them when they already bloom. But the process of their growing up is something that we merely ignore.

And the same thing as to the kingdom of God. We often despise some of our brethren in their beginnings lack of nurture to encouragement and leading. Often we think that correction is by telling mistakes instead of teaching and pushing for the small things they have done. And mostly we often see the growth once after they have been beaten. For like a flowers that blooms in May or in the midst of summer, it’s existence were already judged but the word of God is sure it’s great protection all this time.
The Lord had made me observed this matters for a time and I would say, I felt a little bit stretched by God in correction to appreciate the small beginnings of faith.

And summer is just a beginnings of awakening a sleeping tree to fulfill it’s purpose. To lend it’s branches and leaves to migrating birds from far East or from from southwest of the earth. And the small flowers will bud in its season and will become wonders for eyes to see and will gather the people to magnify its gardener. And the stiff soil will indeed reveal the seeds scattered by different birds of the air and the growth of every tree will become a witness of what fruit it will become. Thus in summer not all life has just started.
It had way been processed at the end of winter times. Only that summer is the sign that the Sun will reveal more the growth of every living things.

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