Rochelle Rosenberg


April 1, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Every morning I imagine life as new, and I am thankful of God bringing back my soul when I wake up.

What an amazing day to confess how blessed we are to wake up in a morning. It’s not the fear of death that brings thanksgiving but the very richness of life itself gives opportunity to appreciate our moments on earth everyday.

So I observed the very day’s that pass me by. It wasn’t actually the same each day. There were different things I did the other day that I didn’t do yesterday and another thing I do today. A reflection of life is so much important for me because I don’t want to forget the things that the Lord God has done in my life. It must be difficult sometimes to live a life when you focus on what others think more rather than the beautiful things that happens in a day. It is also a temptation to fall in people’s unthankfulness of life. The moment they wake up, the bitterness and complaint is already in their lips. Let us not be weary in being thankful. We must learn to appreciate the life that God have given us. There will always be trials and hardships in life to teach us to be strong and there will always be temptations along the way to teach us to be stable in our character and to learn to live our faith.


be thankful…

God I thank you for your faithfulness to me…

Presenting.. a new painting I did today..

With inspiration from God.. I am thankful of Sister Jenny Lomberius for being kind in presenting her artwork and as an encouragement. I present the Sunrise Cherryblossom for her…


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