Every Wise Women

Rochelle Rosenberg

Every Wise Women

February 12, 2018 Uncategorized 0

“Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands. Proverbs 14:1”

Devotion : This is a contrast between a wise woman and a foolish woman. It is all about mindset; her actions are a product of her thoughts.
Her wisdom is like silver and gold, she looks after her house and commits her heart with full service and love in honesty and faithfulness towards God. In her speeches are meekness and grace and blessings, and her deeds gives healing and peace upon her house. She build her house with Gods work and the gladness of her heart brings grace into the household. And the Glory of God resides in it.

In every women’s life there are certain things that we often do wrong. WHich is forgetting to respect others ability. We tend to bow in comparison from one to another which is actually tearing down a house. House that I refer sometimes to a human soul and a physical house if you may. We need to see the good characters of others as beneficial as ours and that ability they have can also be a learning as what we also have.

The wisdom of a woman is to create a safe environment with encouragement, understanding and molding. The woman role was clear according to the word in scriptures, it is to nurture a home, mold and build boldness into its house members and to comfort them who are weak and teach every members until they become strong and wise to face the outside zone. It does not require full force of wisdom and strength but good enough to make it outside the comfort zone.

In every success of a son, a daughter, a husband, brother and relative requires a woman who is the background or a spine of that house strength.

The scripture above is a lesson to all women. Ask yourself therefore whether your actions are building your family’s life or people’s lives. If not then know that you might be plucking down lives. Dear reader, are your actions adding value to lives or destroying them?

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