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Rochelle Rosenberg takes Time..

January 16, 2018 Uncategorized 0


Sometimes it takes us time to know if the things that we do is the right thing for us.

Lately, I have done massive of mistakes, I’ve hurt people in my sorroundings. But I am glad that I am a kind of person where I admit my own mistakes and Im proud of myself that I dont deny things I did.

I am a stubborn person where I decide quickly and act quickly, I am impatient and wanted to know things by myself even if I get warnings. By time truly, I am learning daily. I want to know more about myself and get back to myself where i must do things right.

I am giving my sincere thoughts towards those I have hurt unintentionally. I wish that by doing back good things, they could see theres good in me.

I am glad that God leads me daily to be known by teaching on the journey. I am happy for the people who stayed with me through the difficulties in life. For handling me whenever my time was so low. I am happy I have you all who cared enough for me, May you all be blessed for your understanding and caring, that is priceless,.. I cherish you all for supporting me and respecting my decisions.

It takes a lot of energy before I knew I was doing wrong but at least it was not late when I woke up from my mistakes, and Im happy about it.

I look for a better future, I see God has plans for me and that the future is full of hope and life, prosperity and harmony.

To God be the Glory, the creator of heaven and earth.. all bow down in his Glorious power.

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