Life In Jesus Christ!!

Rochelle Rosenberg

Life In Jesus Christ!!

January 16, 2018 Uncategorized 0

One thing I want to tell my friends:
I grew up in hardship. Other children are often tempted to laugh at me and bully me in school  when I was still young. A target of chaff and humiliation and often called beggar and a vagabond. I went through different tests of life and as a teenager, I was once addicted to drinking, gangs and truancy. Collective lust, and I cursed alot. I Grew up in a home with Family centeredness but I do not understand love. I went through pain and tears. And only God had kept up with me.

As I thought about our trail. Many people around me had changed nothing in life.
I have nothing to be proud of but the love of God for me and the life I have received through Jesus … Had made me a successful woman. Not of Careers or Medal Awards.. But of Triumph and Eternal life that consists Patience, kindness and peace.

Thus, while the others are busy attending various gatherings and occasions. I was busy with things to do for God. Because the property in my surroundings I have not sought. But eternal life I want to achieve. Not everyone will be like me. But you are invited or even to turn away from those who are full of evil, waive the flesh, leave the past and search out your ownselves if you really are in Jesus. Are Your priority be heavenly or earthly only?

Do you take pride in the breadth of your properties like land, home, expensive equipment that later will rot.

Your heart must be filled with goodness that comes from God. keep away your own tradition of your forefathers filled with religious acts and token act. Your good works are like rags to the Lord, if you want the real Salvation..  You shall repent of your sins. Wash your body through baptism in the name of Jesus and be saved.

I’m no different from you. Since I washed myself with the true baptism in Jesus Christ, it is no longer I that Live. The Spirit of God is the one who lives in my body. I am not a slave of sin anymore even though I was indeed, it is the Past. Now I am FREE.

INDEPENDENTLY living in Jesus Christ.
No need that I struggle to do good. But because I have my obedience to him. It is normal to do good. The things that are hard to avoid and stop, they immediately fled from my body because of the goodness of the Light of God. I am cleansed and have no fear of judgment because I know I’m forgiven by God and now belongs to him.
Thus the life that I am walking is not for me, but something I could do for my Lord Jesus. Hopefully you also ..

Not everyone will be like me. But you are invited to turn from those who are full of evil, waive the flesh, leave the past and search out your ownself if you really are in Jesus. Your priority will be heavenly or earthly …?

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