Stand for what is right

Rochelle Rosenberg

Stand for what is right

January 11, 2018 Uncategorized 0


recently I have seen how the life been lost,  it was in some part of Israel been bombed and drove over, in France, in England, in Sweden, in Philippines, and many other  countries.
Ive seen the marching rallies of muslims in the streets shouting murder for the jewish people and those people that follows Jesus..  how much they slave women in the mideastern countries where people dont believe like them.

I am jewish in heart, belief and dna. And I am hurt from reminding me of the thoughts of 1945. and much of this. the muslims shows clearly a message of murderers in their lines.
and the Rulers of every nation closes their eyes for the innocent blood spilled in their street.. The Politicians shows a clear message, a message of unworthiness they are not trusted, not honest and does not stand for justice and mercy. When will they awakened, how many more lives will be lost or maybe because their families are secured therefore they selfishly think of their own.

I dont prefer religion, I prefer the true ONE GOD that is not filled of hatred but filled of care to each and everyones soul. the god of muslims are clear to see that it is evil and wicked. i cant hate people but I couldnt tolerate them. and much said Ive never seen a Christian that bomb and murder in every nation they go to. I am not  a religious person, i dont go to church. I have lived a life  among muslims in my country and I have seen mockery, hatred, death and Ive seen muslims that were silent, who were manipulated by those whom had evil plans.
Ive seen muslims that were arrogant and shouts murders of others. The god they shout is not the God that I know. that god they scream of is the god of this world the evil one.that name they follow speaks his history of who he was when he lived.
and if you cant see the reality of Spiritual living, you are blind. because of all these commotion in every nation, the devil has one target.  All of us learned to acknowledge evil works and planted with hatred towards another. but none of us are helping each other. thats the work of evil.
so.. I dont prefer the god which demands blood of innocent lives but I stand with the GOD OF ISRAEL and I stand against governments that tolerates the wickedness of islam that portraits hate, murder, manipulation and slavery to women and children.
all of the above  I STAND FOR. but not for religion because that is not what u find in the Torah. it didnt say create a religion. it says HAVE A COMMUNION WITH YOUR GOD.
and, the basics of our laws, by nations and country, read the Tanakh(Bible) for it says the same.
and …for those shouting about religion, you are like those chanters, thank u for your interests in religion.  coz im not.
This post is written for my passion to the Jewish Messiah Yeshua, and for my love to the Jewish nation. regardless of their denomination or belonging, regardless of country they live in, I am one of those that love and  support them in prayer. Nevertheless, the scriptures says that a person that wants to belong to Elohim, shall not be forbidden neither shall it not be put aside for if a person strives for mercy and righteousness, Elohim shall bless it in according to His loving kindness.
This is my strong resistance towards hidden hatred to israel, hatred against Yeshua, and this I condemn mockery and murder from the idea of jihad. I condemn the unjustice and dishonest of Rulers that sits in power in every nation.
Where were you when the bombings happened?
what have you spoken when innocent lives been spilled.
What have you done while other lay down on the street and asking for help?
each person has a conscience but many have disclosed it and lived as if this things  never happened. I challenge you all, you whom are so good in writing posts on facebook, twitter and instagram, you who are good in taking photos of how good your lives are. I challenge you to speak out for the injustice because the nations are at war and its people are misled, dragged to be busy on their own. I challenge you to stand for what is right and I challenge you to not defend religious beliefs but defend what is right.
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