The Cross!

Rochelle Rosenberg

The Cross!

January 4, 2018 Uncategorized 0

When Jesus was crucified upon the cross, He was mocked, humiliated, tortured and took upon Himself the tresspasses of all mankind. Upon Himself He bore our sicknesses and upon that cross in golgotha, He was put to shame for our sake. To show the enemy that there is sacrifice for us to be saved.
I might sound silly to you, but I feel the hurt when I see the cross that hangs around people’s neck.

I can’t bear to imagine that huge sacrifice to death, for the sake of yours, and my salvation. Over time it reminds me the humiliation and pain He have to go through to make me understand that works and traditions of men could not save me. What a sacrifice!
Every time the cross stands as a pole upon the ground, I could imagine the face of the lamb suffered from the wrath of God, and His silence shook the spiritual realm which pleased the heavens and made the earth tremble. I can see the dripping of the blood as the Roman soldiers scream His name, ” the King of Nazareth ” and the way they poke his side and shout for another time ” save yourself “.
I’ve thought before that, it was wonderful to wear a cross and show the world my belief, but as the days go by I am convicted that it was not the cross that defines my belief. Mostly I wondered, what is the meaning of this cross.. But through time we learned eventually… As the years go by, the God of all creations have given me wisdom and understanding to see that the hardships and pain and suffering of the Messiah was nothing by what Inwent through.
Think of the long offenses that He took upon Himself, Think of all the beatings He received without a sound but have given Himself to the authority of men for the sake of His sheep.
He secured my salvation and reminded me that God opens my eyes. That my valuation of good and being nice could not save me, but He showed that His glory can make me motivated to step courageously into the path towards God.

When I look at the cross, generally I think of the roman barbarism in the times of their colonization to Israel. How they exploited and murdered many people e.g. Jewish, Greeks and other nations that do not obey their rule. And also if I would compare the cross according to the scriptures, it explains well that the cross is humiliation!

To other people who do not understand, the cross is foolishness. But to me it is the power of God to which I am saved!

But if I read once again the sufferings and how well God wants people to be saved. It gives graces and mercy upon my soul.

I am relieved!!

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