A heartly Witness of Repentance

Rochelle Rosenberg

A heartly Witness of Repentance

October 30, 2017 Uncategorized 0

For a long time ago, I was lost because of the good things of the world and yet during these years I have known God. I was misled by people’s different voices about how to look at myself. But the day I woke up that the world has lied to me and people are selfish in themselves, I realized that I’m heading towards the valley of death.
Of all I accomplished and worked during my life meant nothing when I was alone in a room because I felt emptiness and nothing else could fill it. I have tried different things to find peace .. but I did not find the happiness and peace that fills these empty spaces ..

Then I called on God and at the deepest of my heart I found love that is true. For once, I felt I was worth and loved. Love that can not compare between me and you. Love greater than this velvet and peace that draws me to joy, hope and life. Through the years, God raised my heart for compassion and mercy to people who used me, hurt me. So I forgave them like leaves that fall easily on the tree in the fall of autumn. Likewise, I asked forgiveness to people whom I had also hurt.
I was changed, a new person who needs no confirmation from others but lives life with God and does justice and follows the word in the scriptures.

I tell you who are misled by your own beliefs that it can not save your empty days. Even though you have accomplished a lot in life, that day will come when everything will be an empty can before God and you must find the freedom that only you can get through the liberation in the name of Jesus.
God can save you if you turn away from anything contrary to God’s law. Yes, His law to live morally and live free from the sin of the world. You love your God, love others like yourself, do not steal, do not lie, do not make false statements about other people, be true to your wife or husband, do not be jealous for the lives of other people neither material nor man or wife , do not kill others or do not even think about their destruction.

If you suffer from mental ill health like boils in your thoughts and hearts, if your inner is captivated by bitterness and anxiety. There is freedom in the name of Jesus. I do not say that the Church or the priest can deliver you, neither of these can free you from your boils.
God does not hurt, He is gracious, He is loving to those who seek Him. However, he is hidden from people who have already denied Him. His anger is upon people who relieve their own power and will die without hope and joy … !!
before it is too late. Come and seek Him while you find Him. Do not think about the church or pastors because they are not the ones you will face before the day of judgment.
Repent and change your life. Have mercy for your life … I beg you .. Do not be hard in your heart. There is a way out to freedom, and it is not religious collections, nor material, nor fortunate mediums or seasons.
Turn around!!!!

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